Quintus Thuraisingham

I’m the federal candidate for Scarborough-Guildwood Riding.


Quintus Thuraisingham

My wife Anans Deelia and I have two sons; Sam is in the second year at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) majoring in Nuclear Science and our other son Kevin is enrolled in International Baccalaureate (IB) in his second year at St. John Paul ll High School in Scarborough.

I have been a Scarborough resident for more than 23 years.
Married to Anans Deelia, (Early Childcare Assistant), employed at a children’s centre in Scarborough.

-Recipient of the Ontario Volunteer Service Award (20 Years)
-Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal
-President: SACEM (Society for the Aid of Community Empowerment) – 2012-14President: St. Antony’s College Alumni Association in Canada – 2007-2011
-Secretary: The Tamil Centre for Performing Arts – Canada– since 2006 todate
-Director of Board: Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors – 2010
-Director: Tamil Writers’ Association

Author of two books :
-Today in History (400 pages)
-Garland of Poetry (Collection of Poems)

A political commentator for TVI, a 24 Hour TV station, and for CMR 101.3 FM radio, news anchor, reporter and political commentator for CTR Radio and for East FM 102.7 FM Radio

Employed at Thomson Reuters for the past 20 years as a Senior Supervisor. Extensive knowledge of business, economy, political, social, environmental, academic, community and health issues. Quintus has a Bachelor of Economics degree. He is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Quintus was a long time resident of Scarborough, and is passionate about giving back to the community. He has served in many leadership positions in numerous organizations and has contributed effectively in raising funds for those in dire need. 

A modular approach

As conservatives, we are working towards a strong, stable, national Conservative Government that focuses on helping Canada’s taxpayers and working families get ahead, not just get by. 
As Conservatives, we are the stewards of economic, foreign policy and social stability. We stand on the fiscal right, for lowering taxes and allowing companies to operate effectively in Canada. We do embrace the oil industry and view it as an economic engine to provide jobs to Canadians. We view free trade as a priority, and the overwhelming majority of free trade deals have been enacted during periods of conservative power.
We give special emphasis to empower Law Enforcement and defend Canada’s place in the world and its sovereignty. 


Scarborough Guildwood Federal Election 2019


The riding is bordered by Markham Road, Eglinton Avenue, Bellamy Road and McCowan Road to the west, Highway 401 to the north, and Morningside Avenue to the east and Lake Ontario to the south. 


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Office Address

3704 Kingston Road

Scarborough, ON MIJ 3H3

Office Number: 416 857 3737


Cracking down on gangs
Since Justin Trudeau has taken power, gang crimes – particularly gang murders – have been steadily on the rise.  As a result, Canadians are feeling less safe on their own streets.  Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have completely failed to address gang violence. 
In fact, Trudeau is actually softening penalties for gang crimes to as little as an administrative fine.  That’s why Andrew Scheer has put forward a new plan for a safer Canada. This plan will make it easier for police to target gang members and put them where they belong: behind bars. Our government should always prioritize the safety and security of Canadians, instead of the comfort of violent criminals. 
If you agree, please Join us

Defend Our Democracy
The Liberals have made changes to our elections laws that will open the door to voter fraud!
These changes will allow voter information cards to be an approved form of Voter ID.
The only problem is: Voter information cards have been shown to have a 16% error rate! That means there are hundreds of thousands of these voter information cards being sent out with the wrong information! And on top of that, about 207,000 additional voter information cards were sent out in the last election to people that were already dead. 
Another 57,500 went to people that were non-citizens.
In a recent interview, Elections Canada even admitted that they have absolutely no way of tracking whether someone is a citizen before voting!
This is more than enough to swing an election in the Liberals favour.
We need to put an end to this and ensure that the ONLY votes counted are from LEGAL VOTERS.